Learn More about Sophie Allin

Sophie Allin is an artist by nature; starting at a very young age, she has always demonstrated an ability that far exceeded her peers. 

Preferring to work without using digital media, Sophie moved on to study Fine Art at The Surrey Institute of Art & Design (now The College of Creative Arts). Her preferred medium is fine ink which had immediately set her apart from her colleagues who had continued to experiment with mixed media and digital manipulation.

Sophie's dedication to one medium meant that she had mastered all aspects of one style whilst others struggled to become jacks of all trades but alas mastering none.

Her skills were quickly noticed by the local community and she very quickly began receiving commissions for private works of arts.

To date, Sophie Allin has worked on over 70 art projects and has continued to move forward in the art world. 

Common Tips

Want to become an artist?

Be dedicated, concentrate and work hard.

Need to sell your art?

Check out the successful artists and what had worked for them.

Help, I can't sketch anymore!

Yes you can, just take a deep breath and start with a clean slate. Patience is a virtue!